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楽しい無料で申し訳ないですが頑張ってます。 ファーストフード定員さんに尊敬します。




英語だけど、難しい事は言ってないので、楽しくプレイ出来ます! ただ、なぜかcookbookの料理名の部分が真っ黒になってて全く見えないです… インストールし直そうか検討中。








The title explains it all!!! So fun, easy and relaxing!

Good but 2 problems

I love this game I could play it all day but I can not because you have to PAY COINS to make something. Well I just want to cook but if I do not have enough coins I cannot bake. Plz fix and just let us cook as we please. Bad and good. Plz fix or I might have to delete it. Not might WILL DELETE. PLZ PLZ FIX PLZ.

Yasssss slayyy

This game is great!

Great game

Lots of ads but good game

It’s great

I really like it it’s great I like making food and stuff and this game is great if you like that kind of stuff, and when you run out of money your grandma will sometimes send you a couple of coins.

It’s a good game but

It’s a good game but when I don’t have anymore diamonds I mean I don’t like it😒 but this is still a great and good game right

One thing

I thought there were to many ads to deal with. Everything else was great!!!👍🏼I would recommend this app if you don’t mind a few ads!

Great game

I love it a lot and it’s easy with someone with a disability

Bet game ever

I love it

To easy

This game is to easy .

Awesome game



When ever I do it it says it is bad it won’t let you add the stuff right u need to check your app😢


I am starting this game, but it is Great. You have to buy and supply your food which requires you to wait, but I love that you can cook while waiting. So far, I LOVE the game 10/10!

Awesome 👍🏻

So, this game is amazing. Let me tell you something I like about it. There are recipes in it that are incredibly fun to make. They always make my mouth water just be looking at them. Please add more! There is, however, a problem. The ads! I’m sorry to say this, but there’s WAY TOO MANY ADS. Please fix. Overall, I love this game and highly recommend it. Although, I hav very low tolerance for these ads. Thanks for reading!

Cookbook app

It was amazing and so much fun for my child

I love it but....

I really do love this game and it’s really fun to play . But it’s too many ads


Nice game!

Friendless Feline

The game is awesome but I wish we could have a world we could go to and make a person and go around and play and own our own store.

It pretty good, but kinda too simple

This is a really fun game but I thought it would be harder and more challenging. All you do is like tap to break the egg, and tap the thing when it’s done baking and it’s sort of boring. It is a really fun game though. I wish that you could ice the white cake.



A good game but a big issue

This game is great because it's suitable for all ages and kids could have fun on this game there may be few things I would change with the strategies they have making the food I would think they should let kids get more into cooking it if that makes sense but now onto the horrible problem is I had to delete the game because I ran out of diamonds so I was gonna watch a video to get another one so I could make the next meal and when I watched it it said something about Facebook and it said yes or no and I said no because Facebook is not something I need or want to share or do stuff on and so I clicked no and when I did it went back to the normal screen and I was like ok but I still need my diamond so I clicked the watch video thing again to get a diamond or jem or whatever and the Facebook thing popped up again and it kept doing it and doing it so I had to delete the game should change that

Love it

I love this game so much because it gives u real cooking experience and all you have to do is sit on the coach. This game is very addictive and is going to keep u up all night.pls get this game


I absolutely love this game and I am good at it too but the adds ruin it. every time u buy a food item add every time u finish cooking add. I get it u need adds so people will buy other games. Get rid of a lot of the adds and it will be a 5 stars!


So far this game is good. But there is one issue I would like to share. I read another review about one thing was missed spelled and yes I found a different word that you spelled wrong to. The word was mystery you spelled it mastery that’s all 😊

The fun of this game

U will have so much fun with this game!! I love it so much and I hope you have fun with the game!!

To much adds

There are way to much adds but every thing else is fine


These are just a few of my many pet peeves 1) Do you really need to put an ad after every level? 2)Change making us pay for the next level book, then you have repeat levels to get the coins and it BORING to have to do that 3) I get having us pay for the items, but it makes us loose coins 😭 and we need the coins for other things in the game 4) Also the game makes us wait for the items to make the recipe, some take 10 seconds, and then some take 1 minute and 30 seconds 🙄🙄🙄 maybe you should make us wait 10 seconds EVERY TIME so that we don’t have to wait


This is a fun game easy to play but it’s hard to earn money

The problem

The problem is that when you click it makes it really glitchy

I love this app!

I love this app because it is fun and yet you can some what get taught how to cook!!lol!

Cookbook master

I like this game the only thing is when you stir and it says “ too fast” it doesn’t tell you!!! But every thing is nice .. I want more gems

I love this game

This game is really cool and the game teaches you how to cook food and you can really enjoy playing this app it is a great a really awesome game

Good game

Very good game

My review

I hate how many ads there are


One word for this game “Amazing”

It’s just to easy

I think the app is just a little easy. And some things I don’t understand! I wish things were also more visible. I would recommend this app to try.

Good but needs updates

This is a very good game but it has a few major downfalls for example after your done with all the foods and received all the stars there are no more things to make so it gets boring pretty fast another example is just when you finish the dish an advertisement pops up please update soon and finally this gets 4 stars ⭐️ ps.Cats are cool 🐈


This game has the potential to be fun but it kind of misses it for me. It is VERY repetitive, so repetitive that it gets boring quickly. The ads are also annoying

This game is pretty good

One thing you need to fix is the dragging part it sometimes does not work then you lose time .

Fantastic!!!!!!!!! It’s just all the ads.

I love the app so much!!! 🍗🌮🍮🍽🍤🍔🍳🥪🌭🥗 There are so many recipes to make and you get rewarded for playing the app. It can get pretty addicting! If you could fix the ads I’ll live it even more! I like downloading apps so I can see what it’s all about and this is by far one of the best apps I’ve downloaded!! Have fun with this a fantastic game!!!!😋

Fun but too many adds🤭

I think this app is great but there are to many adds every time I beat a level an add pops up😡😡other than that it’s awesome 🤗🤗


This app is awesome! I play it every day! I totally recommend this for you😁🤩🤗


I think the game is ok it could be better.


I love it

Great game


I love it, but.....

Why get timed on dragging the ingredients to the pot? And why get “ bad “ on recipes?


Awesome game!


This is an okay app

Awesome sauce

I am just starting this game and I love cooking and this is the best!!!!!!

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