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Best game every

This game is awesome.

Most awesome cooking game ever

Its awesome

I love this game


Five stars

I love this game so much


I think this app is ok, but not really! I give this a 2 star rating because if you accidentally do something wrong it says that you did a bad job, and not only that there are a lot of ads, I think that this game could fix somethings as well, I think that it would be cool if it would tell you how to cook, by telling you the recipe, cause you would expect this app would show you how to cook.

Pretty Good Game

I just wish that you could get coins a little faster so I could but the oven. I also wish there were different cookbooks from around the world, so there would be different cultural things to cook.


Best game ever created

Cooking game

I love how your app lets children get creative. I feel like Im a professional chef in a restaurant serving others. Thank you so much for your wonderful app

Shorty story

I think that this games us good but when u make a tiny mistake it says u did a bad job. And also it should show different thing to cook from around the world. This app needs to work on these things rate you job better and put more recipes im around the world and to you show you or tell you how to make the thing you are making.its also have a search box so we can put what we want to make it will show us how. Pretty much all I want to say and things you should work on and it should not cost anything to buy a cookbook or the master cookbook and the ingredients you dont have

Cook book

Love this app.

Awesome!! But...

I loved this app! But one day the app bugged out and wouldnt let me do anything because it would show the Game Center app on my iPod! But I love the app, when you get to cook

Awesome but

It is awesome but I wish you could unlock all of the recipes other than that I highly recommend it


Its a great game. But I wish you could get coins faster to make more of the food dishes. But overall its a really fun and cool game


It is an awesome game! You can cook almost anything!


This game is fun but I wish that there was more recipes and ingredients and you could customize/decorate your kitchen.Last there was one creepy ad so please make the ads not creepy.

Love it... But

I love this game but there are some stuff that I dont like one is that you have to pay for no adds. two when you get a lot perfect you get great.


I love to cook and I love this game! Challenging to get a perfect score! Love that you dont have to purchase to have full access to the game! I would recommend to anyone-young and old!

Weird Recipes and Bad Ratings

Ok its a fun game and all, but who chose the recipes cuz nobody puts eggs in Caesar salads. And when it rates you for when you have to get the line under the arrow, I touch the arrow with line but it doesnt give me perfect. Its kinda unfair.

Basically cooking Mama

If you have ever played cooking Mama youll probably get that sort of vibe from this game.Its all right but I expected a game where you get to make your own recipes and can mix match basically anything but what I got was a clone of cooking Mama.If I wanted to play that I would have grabbed my DS and put cooking Mama in. So if you want a Game that is not accurate and does not teach you then get this one (or Cooking Mama) but if you want a game that has accurate measurements and you can make your own recipes youll have to either bake something in real life or make a game yourself.

Cool but...

Its kinda fun but the ads are annoying. Every time I get one I have to refresh the page because theres no x, and then I have to start over. You can get one like every 2 mins SO ANNOYING. Its fun and all but the ads are... plahh

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