Cookbook Master - Kitchen Chef & Food Maker Game App Reviews

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I like it

Its is cute I enjoy it I downloaded it and cant seem to get off the game

Ehhhh, no

Well, this game isnt the best,I deleted this game, but I am thinking of getting it back, but not now.

Awesome but

This game is awesome but now I need a stove and I have no more gems or offers at the moment. Im only on the first book.


Great game not very many ads

Get This!

This app is very good, but the adds are the only issue. Otherwise this game is fun and has lots of good things about it that overcome all the bad things.


This game is awesome and fun I love it


Great way to express your love of cooking getting graded on how well you have accomplished your meals

Best cooking game ever

Ive been playing for about thirty mins and Im already on the second book just the one thing is that there needs to be more cookbooks maybe for an upgrade you can do it and also we should start out with at least two hundred coins and we should have at least three of every ingredient when we start so you dont have to do it it was just a suggestion

Need more!

Love the game but it only has 3 books to cook from. Please add more recipes!


I got this game like one week ago and I love it

Love it!!

Awesome game!! My favorite ever!!


I just got the game after a couple of minutes I loved it best game ever!

Fun game

Nice controls and good amount of difficulty to keep ya playin!


Its sooooo good u should totally get the game. Get it now


It froze and I cant get it to work dont buy this game


This game is awesome what are you watting for get it


Attempt to fix the spelling and grammar issues. There were way too many for me to concentrate on cooking.

Good and fun

It is a really fun game but super impossible to get all perfect scores

The review

This app is great! ✨ but I would add some more simpler dishes to the cook book for some beginners not 5 easy ones then go to more complex ones


Great game really fun

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